Past Engagements

  1. Oct10

    Elena in Tales from a Safe Distance

    Episode 1: Both Gladsome and Grievous

    10 creative teams. 9 companies from across the United States. 4 electric nights of new opera. Boccaccio’s 14th century masterpiece “The Decameron” involved ten characters passing the time while sheltering from a plague by telling one another stories – stories comic, tragic, romantic, sexy, terrifying. The Decameron Opera Coalition has adapted those stories for the modern pandemic era.

    Tales from a Safe Distance features nine World Premiere one-act operas, and a tenth wrap-around story starring internationally renowned bass-baritone Luca Pisaroni.

    Each Friday in October you’ll see and hear a diverse array of voices, sounds, visuals, methods, and messages as dozens of contemporary opera’s most vital artists tell intimate tales of a global moment.

    This unprecedented, searingly relevant, nation-wide collaboration is not to be missed.

  2. Oct17

    Elena in Tales from a Safe Distance

    Episode 2: Prompted by Appetite

  3. Oct24

    Elena in Tales from a Safe Distance

    Episode 3: So Noble a Heart

    Premiere of "Seven Spells" by Donia Jarrar

  4. Oct25

    Petite Messe Solennelle by Rossini

    Kaarin Cecilia Phelps sings the Mezzo-soprano solos in Rossini's "Little Solemn Mass" in the intimate setting of Montrose-Houston's Mandell Park.

  5. Oct31

    Elena in Tales from a Safe Distance

    Episode 4: The Bolts of Fortune

  6. Feb14

    Opera in the Heights

    Alisa in Lucia di Lammermoor

    (COVID-19 Cancellation - Concert Performance)

    Bel canto master, Donizetti's most celebrated opera, Lucia is a dazzling feast for the ears and a haunting spectacle to behold. It is a story full of ghostly atmosphere, political intrigue, and clandestine romance. The forbidden love between Lucia and Edgardo, members of opposing clans, and the cruel interventions of her brother Enrico, closely resemble the arc of Romeo and Juliet. That is, until the forces at play drive our heroine to sheer madness in one of the most iconic scenes in opera, one that demands to be experienced in the up-close intimacy of Lambert Hall.

  7. Apr18

    Opera in the Heights

    Cherubino in Le nozze di Figaro

    (COVID-19 Cancellation - Concert Performance)

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